GREENMAX applied in waste management

Waste management recycling problems:

Nowadays most countries have a wastes management system, and there are special waste recyclers to deal with recycled wastes. It sounds easy, but there are problems during management.

Firstly, a waste management company recycles all kinds of wastes, including those to be burnt, buried, and recycled; they should choose different ways to deal with these wastes. And they should deal with them as soon as possible because, on the one hand, there are bad smells, especially on summer days. On the other hand, wastes are produced on large scales every day, if not dealt with in time, wastes will accumulate very quickly and more space is needed.

As environmental protection and resource conservation become a global focus nowadays, people begin to pay attention to recyclable materials. Under this circumstance, EPS recycling is an industry-developing trend. The seafood industry produces large scales of waste EPS boxes every day. Recycling waste fish boxes can turn the waste fish boxes into reusable material again.

In order to manage these large quantities of wastes timely, wastes management companies have to hire more employees. The awkward situation is that labor cost is so high; in addition, people who are willing to spend time on garbage all day long and every day is not easy to find. We all know that most waste management companies enjoy subsidies from the government, this is because waste management should be encouraged and supported from the perspective of environmental protection and resource conservation. But there is another reason that waste management companies need government financial support.

In recent years, since the recycling industry develops fast, recyclable wastes are needed on much larger scales. This is a great opportunity for wastes recycling companies to make money since they have the largest recyclable waste source. The problem is how to manage recyclable wastes at low cost and high efficiency.

waste management recycling solution:

Modern technology is the answer. Greenmax machine is designed for wastes management.

There are different types of machines for different kinds of wastes. APOLO series is designed for EPS, XPS, PSP compacting; there is also a silo plus wash and dry system in particular for those who need to clean first; ZEUS series compacts EPE, EPP, EPS, XPS, and PSP; MARS series is for melting plastic foam, applicable materials are EPS, XPS, PSP, EPE, and EPP. POSEIDON series is for beverage cartons, PET bottles, aluminum cans, and yogurt cups because it has the de-watering function. Recycling PET bottles, Aluminum cans, PE/PP film, beverage cartons, and yogurt cups are all applicable for GREENMAX.

The good news is that we are not only an EPS compactor seller but also we are an EPS block recycler. That is to say, if you buy our machine to compact waste EPS, we promise to buy back compacted EPS blocks. For seafood businessmen, this is certainly a rewarding investment. You have waste EPS box resources, instead of throwing them away as waste, why not try to make money from these wastes?