Dublin Airport Plastic Waste Recycling

Public places like airports are always crowded with people and large amounts of garbage are produced every day. The commonly seen garbage includes beverage packagings, such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper beverage bottles, and various kinds of plastic food packaging.

Most of the garbage is thrown into the dustbins, while some are scattered on the ground, both of them need to be transported to the waste dealing center quickly to avoid causing a bad impact on these public places.

Dublin Airport in Ireland, providing good services to a large number of tourists every year, bought the GreenMax Poseidon to deal with the garbage in the airport. Since the beverage bottles and cans are large in volume and light in weight, and some of them even have remained liquids, they are costive to be transported to the waste dealing center, so Poseidon, a good recycling machine with the dewatering and compacting function is a good choice to Dublin Airport Waste Management.

Poseidon Feed Hopper:

The plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper bottles become compressed pieces after the processing of the GREENMAX machine, and the residues are squeezed out to be collected in the tank. Through waste management, the whole airport could have a beautiful and tidy environment.

Poseidon dewatering:

Compressed waste: