US Styrofoam Factory Recycles EPS with Conveyors and Cutting Device

EPS is also called Styrofoam in America and has a wide application, so there are many EPS/Styrofoam factories in America. Just like many other products, there would also be substandard Styrofoam products and Styrofoam scraps and edgings during Styrofoam production. Therefore, it’s necessary for the Styrofoam factories to do Styrofoam/EPS recycling.

In this case, an American Styrofoam factory purchased our GREENMAX EPS Compactor, which is also equipped with two large conveyors, a huge silo and a cutting device. These can provide a better service for this factory because of its large amount of waste Styrofoam. They are shattered by the crusher for the first step and the Styrofoam scraps are conveyed by the large conveyor into the silo.

The function of the huge silo is to guarantee a continuous feeding speed and a certain amount into the feed hopper. And the second conveyor services as a channel between the silo and the Compactor. The EPS blocks compacted in this way are tighter and have more stable quality. The cutting device at the end of the EPS recycling machine can cut the blocks quickly and leave a neat cut.

Large Conveyors:

Huge Silo:

Cutting Device of GREENMAX Machine:

Well Compacted and Cut EPS Blocks: