How to Recycle Food Tray

Where can we find food trays?

Food trays are widely used in our daily life because it is convenient and light in weight. There are many kinds of food trays, such as polystyrene foam trays, PSP trays, and so on. We can see many kinds of materials easily and know the usage of materials in food eating places and supermarkets. Most of the food trays can be made by PSP or EPS. However, the food trays are hard to decompose and easily cause white pollution. So in many countries, throwing the food trays directly and landfill should be avoided.

How to recycle food trays?

Only depending on people is arduous in handling and recycling food trays. Luckily, GREENMAX Recycling machines provided solutions to recycle waste food trays. So people who have so many food trays are offered great convenience and can turn to machines for help.

the solutions of food tray recycling:

A. Cold Compressing

So a large number of waste food trays can be handled with ease. The recycler can put so many food trays into the machine and then turn on the button to operate. Then the food trays will be crushed into pieces, and with the help of machine pressure, the crushed food trays can be compacted tightly into the block. At the last, the scattered and compressed food trays can be pushed out of the machines as soon as possible.

Why choose GREENMAX Foam Compactor APOLO Series machines:

Easier to recycle and reuse the food trays as machines need fewer people’s help;
Less cost in labor and transportation;
More benefits will get from the recycling food trays with the help of machines;
Handle many food trays to make contributions to environmental protection.

B. Hot Melting

The hot melting machine of food tray recycling can crush the waste food trays into pieces. After a process of shredding, heat melting and extruding and molding the waste food trays become densified ingots, which could save storage space and transportation costs.

Why choose GREENMAX Foam Densifier Mars Series?

Instead of compacting, GREENMAX Hot Melt Densifier Mars Series process food trays through shredding while adding heat to densify and extrude a melting block, which becomes the final recycling product and can reuse other products such as frames.