America Logistics Company Waste Packaging Recycling

As shopping-online becomes popular, the logistic industry develops quickly. The safety of the goods being transported is an important issue. Goods like electrical and electronic products are fragile and need to be well packed.

In order to protect the goods, logistic companies usually pack them with layers of EPS or EPP/EPE to packaging. These materials are plastic foam, with the good property of shock-absorbing and buffering. The goods protected by them could be much safer during the delivery, but as the scale of the logistic industry becomes larger, the waste EPS and other waste plastic foams are also challenging the health of our environment.

Plastic foams like EPS/Styrofoam are non-degradable, they could not disappear naturally in short times, which urges waste management in the logistic industry.

An American Logistics Company became our Customer, buying one set of GREENMAX APOLO EPS Compactor. They use the recycling machine to deal with the collected waste EPS packaging used in delivering. Thus the piled up waste packaging materials could be collected together and get recycled.

Waste EPS logistic packaging:

Operating GREENMAX machine:

Compacted EPS blocks:

Loaded EPS blocks: