GREENMAX Polyethylene Foam Melting Machine/ Densifier

Recycle PE Foam by Hot Melting Machine

Waste scattered polyethylene foam can be melted down to blocks. Meanwhile, the volume and density of waste polyethylene foam(PE Foam) is very obvious. In addition, melted waste polyethylene foam could save store cost and transportation cost because of the melted polyethylene foam with smaller volume and enhanced density. A foam hot melting machine is a good method to recycle PE foam.

Polyethylene Foam Hot Melting Densifier

Hot melting machine, a recycling machine, could handle various foam materials and melt them down to blocks. GREENMAX Mars hot melting machines are specialist for rigid polyethylene foam recycling, but the process need heat to melt PE foam.

Advantages of PE Foam Densifier:

Melted polyethylene foam is more clean and tidy.
Compared to foam recycling compactor, not easy to get scattered.
Have been sold to countries worldwide with proven and successful cases.

Recycling Steps of PE Foam Densifier:

Firstly, double shredding blades will smash waste polyethylene into scatters.
Then, the machine screw will be heated and scattered polyethylene foam will be melted as well.
Finally, melted polyethylene foam will be extruded from the slot with machine screw rotation. So scattered waste polyethylene foam are melted down to blocks after cooling.

Successful Case:

CASE 1: Wheel Hubs Manufacturer and PE Foam Recycling

Founded in 1989, Prime Wheel is the largest manufacturer of automotive wheel hubs in North America. There are 3 factories in all in the United States and Mexico. In the production and transportation of wheel hubs, the use of Polyethylene(PE) is very common, and almost necessary, to protect the wheels from being damaged. However, the disposal of the polyethylene sheet and roll after use is very difficult, even if by landfill, it also needs to spend a lot of labor for sorting. Prime Wheel has been no suitable method for polyethylene recycling until they found GREENMAX, a specialist devoted to foam recycling.

In 2017 Prime Wheel successfully installed GREENMAX M-C200 foam densifier. Characterized in easy operation, labor-saving, and higher efficiency, such a machine has so far been running hundreds of hours, compressing at least 200,000 pounds of waste polyethylene, which is not only the storage space, but the transportation cost can be largely saved.

CASE 2:  Electronics Manufacturer and PE Foam Recycling

Quanta Computer is the largest notebook computer R&D, design, and manufacturing enterprise in the world, which has two Data Rack manufacturing bases in Tennessee and California, USA. During the manufacturing process, it generates about 4000 lbs of waste for 2 trucks per day. Previously, Quanta has been handing over the PE packaging materials by giving them to the local recycler, but the bankrupt of the recycler make Quanta Computer had to pay nearly $7000 for waste management.

In order to save high operating costs, Quanta began to seek professional PE foam recycling equipment and chose GREENMAX because of its reputation. They purchasing a GREENMAX M-C200E PE foam densifier to dispose of their own PE foam packaging waste. After half a year of operation, there are more than 250,000 lbs of PE foam waste has been recycled, which has saved more than $42,000 in landfill fees and greatly increased the efficiency of plant operation.

Polyethylene Foam Introduction:

Polyethylene foam, widely used in many fields, can be 100% recycled with durable and reusable features. Besides, it is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials and can be used as a protective pad and thermal insulation material can be melted and turn to granulation. Polyethylene foam melting machine can promote the recycling of waste polyethylene foam. As a result, polyethylene foam recycling could be conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation.

Throughput 100kg/h
EPE Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPE Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 22.9kw

Throughput 200kg/h
EPE Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPE Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 37.5kw