Cola disposal treatment in Pepsico Thailand - A Revolution to deal with waste

Pepsico Thailand, is a medium-size or small size for beverage plant with 1can line 1000CPM and 5 Pet line of 600BPM, this plant support requirement for all southeast Asia, the wastage is around 0.1%, so they generate around 4320 bottles and 1440 Aluminum can every day, they hire 30 people to manually disposal every day with 8 hours per day, cost USD2000 per day, ( manually open the bottle cover, pour into the sewer, trample down the bottles and throw empty bottles into a big bag( it only save little space in this way), the contactor pick up the bottles, one truck can hold only 3 tons. The working site is full of liquid, some kind of dirty, not sanitation enough, especially in summer, when it is really hot, the manual operation may even lead to the safety problem.

GREENMAX creationarily change everything, 3 people work 4 hours a day can deal with everything, less labor, clean workshop, healthy and safe working progress, the most important saving big money at less cost. One truck can load 20 tons of bottles after the first step of disposal, which is 7 times than before!!

Vide: PEPSI Defective Product Processing Video