GREENMAX Foam Densifier M-C200 Operated by Recycling Company in Mexico2019-9-16

GREENMAX PE foam densifier M-C100 operated by PE foam converter in USA2019-9-3

GREENMAX Polystyrene recycling machine M-C300 by Home Appliance Logistics company in Australia2019-7-22

GREENMAX Polystyrene melting machine M-C100 operated by Polystyrene manufacturer in New Zealand2019-7-8

EPS Melting Machine M-C50 Used by Furniture Store in Canada2019-6-20

Styrofoam recycling machine M-C200 operated by the recycling company in Canada2019-6-3

Polystyrene recycling machine M-C300 operated by the Furniture store in Canada2019-5-7

GREENMAX Styrofoam cups recycling machine M-C200 operated by Styrofoam cups manufacturer in USA2019-4-23

Foam recycling densifier M-C100 in operation2019-3-25

GreenMax Polyethylene recycling machine Z-C200 operated by PE Fabricator in USA2019-3-11

Polyethylene recycling machine M-C200 operated by trampoline manufacturers in USA2019-2-27

Styrfoam recycling machine M-C100 operated by fabricator in USA2019-2-14

Polyethylene recycling machine M-C200 operated by Recycling company in USA2019-1-30

Greenmax recycling machine M-C200 dealing with EPE foam by recycling company in Mexico2019-1-7

Styrofoam recycling machine M-C200 opereated by home appliance manufacture in America2018-12-26

GreenMax Styrofoam densifier M-C200 operated by Furniture store in USA2018-12-11

Greenmax recycling machine for XPS insulation Board operated by Italian recycling company2018-11-25

Styrofoam recycling machine M-C100 operated by refurbish company in USA2018-11-11

Greenmax Styrofoam recycling machine M-C100 operated by styrofoam manufacturer in New Zealand2018-09-19

GreenMax Styrofoam recycling machine M-C300 operated by Home Appliance recycler in USA2018-08-20

Greenmax Styrofoam Recycling Machine M-C200 Used by recyclers in the USA2018-08-10

EPE recycling machine Mars C-100 dealing with EPE Foam by American2018-06-13

Greenmax styrofoam recycling machine Mars C200 operated by Customers in America2018-06-04

Greenmax Styrofoam Recycling Machine M-C300 operated by logistics company in Australia2018-02-26

GREENMAX EPS dust recycling machine M-C502017-12-18

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier M-C300 for disposing PSP 2017-12-04

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