Israel Using POSEIDON Series to Recycle Yogurt Cups

In 2013, a customer in Israel bought a GREENMAX Poseidon C900 series. He knows us at a trade show.

This customer buys yogurt from a nearby yogurt production factory, and he has large scales of waste yogurt cups waiting to be dealt with. Most of the waste yogurt cups still contain yogurt, so if using a compactor directly, the compression effect is really poor and no one would buy such wet, dirty, and smelly blocks. It is impossible for him to pour out the left yogurt one by one, it is totally a waste of time, besides, the efficiency would be incredibly low. If he hires people to pour out the left yogurt, employing cost is huge.

In this situation, he surely needs a feasible solution to deal with this problem.

In 2013, we contacted him and introduced our machine to him. He was quite interested in this investment. Our machine can not only compact the waste yogurt cups, most importantly, but our machine also has the function of de-watering and drying. POSEIDON firstly screws the left yogurt and dry the yogurt cups, making sure the compressed cups are light and dry. The efficiency is greatly improved and the labor cost is saved.

He is excited to find POSEIDON which just solves his problem. What’s more, this machine brings him profit. On the one hand, he has large scales of waste yogurt cups and a stable resource; on the other hand, our company buys back the compressed yogurt cups. So this is a very profitable investment.

POSEIDON series is a beverage and packaging compactor that also has the function of de-watering, for yogurt cups unnecessarily contain unfinished yogurt. If compacted directly, the quality of compacted blocks is quite poor. So POSEIDON is designed for these kinds of materials.

After using our machine, our customer is very satisfied with our machine and our after-sale service. The stable material resource and our promise to buy back the compacted yogurt cups bring to him a promising future!

Vide: extraction yogourt video