Recycled Plastic Bottles Get Dewatered and Compacted in Ireland

Our customer in Ireland is an agent who sells balers to plastic bottles manufacturers and recycles waste plastic bottles from these manufacturers. He has done great work in waste plastic bottle recycling and has large scales of waste plastic bottles in store.

As bottles are increasing, he has no more room for storage. Besides, most of the waste plastic bottles contain water. There are bad smells once these water and beverage are not poured out. It is very tough for him to pour out the water one by one because there are too many bottles. He can’t hire people to help because the labor cost is too high.

These piles of waste plastic bottles have been troubled him for a long time until he gets to know our machine.

When we contacted him and showed him our GREENMAX POSEIDON series, he was very excited and said this machine is just what he needs and what he was looking for. POSEIDON series is designed for waste PET bottles recycling, aluminum cans, PE/PP film, beverage cartons, and yogurt cups. All these materials are water containers and need to be dried first before compacting. POSEIDON makes it possible to pour out water automatically which greatly saves the cost of hiring employees; what’s more, this machine remarkably improves working efficiency. Our customer no longer needs to pour out water from enormous bottles one by one.

After using our machine, his problems are all solved. Firstly, this machine helps him deal with left beverages in plastic bottles, which saves his time and improves his working efficiency. Secondly, our machine helps him save the labor cost. Just one machine can do all works without any more labor. Third, the beverage bottles after compacting largely reduce the occupation of the room. The compacted waste bottles are more small-sized and clean. Fourth, compacted plastic bottles are recyclable. Selling these clean and small-sized bottles to plastic bottle recyclers will surely bring to him a good profit because his compacted and clean bottles are more welcomed than those dirty, wet and space-taking bottles.

VIDEO: Plastic Bottles Compacting

That is to say, our machine not only solves his problems, saves cost, but also helps him earn money! This is certainly a rewarding investment.