P-C200 on trucks

GreenMax Poseidon C200 Dewatering Recycling PET Bottles Video

P-C200 for Tetra Pak

GreenMax Poseidon C350 Dewatering Tetra Pak Video

P-C200 in Factory

Poseidon C200 Dewatering And Compacting Shampoo Bottles Video

P-C350 in USA

P-C350 Recycling Beverage Packings Dewatering And Compacting Video In Hwaii USA

P-C350 in Israel

P-C350 residue extraction recycling yogourt video in Israel

P-C350 In Thailand

P-C350 PEPSI Defective Product Processing Video In Thailand

P-C350 In Nestle company

P-C350 expired bottle beverage processing video In Nestle company

P-C350 in Factory

Beverage Cartons/ Packaging Cartons Recycling Machine Video

Poseidon for Drying PE Film

GreenMax Poseidon Squeezer Drying PE Film Video