The Brick Furniture Packaging Recycling

EPS, otherwise known by the name of Styrofoam, is a perfect material for furniture packaging, for it has the good property of shockproof, which can protect the fragile furniture from being damaged during transportation and handling.

Like we have mentioned, the used furniture packaging now forms a large group of waste EPS/Styrofoam material. And it is urgent to deal with them before they cause severe white pollution to the environment.

One of our customers who has bought our Styrofoam recycling machine is a furniture store—The Brick. The Brick is the second-largest household chain stores in Canada. Since it has a wide range of business, including furniture, appliances, electronics and so on, most of which need to be well protected when delivering. Therefore, The Brick uses large quantities of Styrofoam packaging materials and also has piles of waste Styrofoam to deal with, which otherwise has to be landfilled.

The appearance of GreenMax EPS recycling machines provides them a good solution. They can compact the lightweight but large-volume waste EPS/Styrofoam packaging with the machine instead of labor work and sell the tightly compressed blocks to waste plastic processors. Due to their large-scaled furniture business, The Brick bought three GreenMax EPS Compactors, separately equipped in their local stores. The machines work well with correct operations and adjustments.

A large amount of waste Styrofoam packaging waiting to be compacted:

Large amount of waste Styrofoam packaging

Workers of The Brick are operating the GREENMAX machine:

Well compacted EPS blocks: