How to Recycle Waste Fish Box

Current Situation of Waste Fish boxes:

In countries along the seaside, there are lots of businessmen live on selling seafood. Seafood is wet and smelly, so they need to be frozen by ices to keep fresh. Therefore packaging for seafood should be unique. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), also called Styrofoam, is the perfect material for fish box because EPS box is cold-resistant and not easy for water to leak out.

As seafood is needed every day in large quantities, and fish boxes can only be used once, they are in great demand. Traditionally, waste fish boxes are buried in the wildland, but since EPS is not degradable naturally, they are very harmful to the environment.

All these manufactures, therefore, have one problem in common: they have a large number of waste fish boxes which are difficult to deal with. To solve this problem, they were seeking good methods.

As environmental protection and resource conservation become the global focus nowadays, people begin to pay attention to recyclable materials. Under this circumstance, EPS recycling is forming a new industry. The seafood industry makes the major contributions for it produces large numbers of waste EPS boxes every day. Recycling waste fish boxes can turn waste EPS into reusable material again.

Fish box recycling solution:

But how to recycle waste fish boxes? INTCO provides you a total solution for EPS recycling. Our GREENMAX EPS compactor is famous all over the world and has been sold to global countries and regions. Established in 2008, the GREENMAX APOLO series was originally designed for EPS compacting only. After seven years’ accumulative innovation and improvement, the APOLO series is now an EPS compacting specialist and can compact waste EPS smoothly, high-efficiently and produce high-quality EPS blocks.

The good news is that we are not only an EPS compactor seller but also an EPS block recycler. That is to say, if you buy our machine to compact waste EPS, we promise to buy back your compacted EPS blocks. There are already many fish processing manufacturers cooperating with us, covering countries and regions of America, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. For seafood businessmen, this is certainly a rewarding investment. Since you have the resource of waste EPS boxes, instead of throwing them away as waste, why not try to make money from them?