EPP Recycling with GREENMAX Compactor

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is a foam form of polypropylene which is also known as Polypropene. EPP is superior physical properties, chemical stability, easy recycling of new high-performance compression buffer insulation materials, mainly used in the packaging of IT products, communications equipment, and motor vehicles. It has great potential in food packaging, rigid packaging market, PP market.

Solution to Recycle EPP Foam by Cold Compressing:

EPP Expanded Polypropylene) could be recycled by our machines, such as our GREENMAX machine, which could compact the waste EPP as GREENMAX compactor could crush waste EPP and then compact waste EPP into blocks as tightly as possible. So EPP recycling won’t be a headache for reuse.

Advantages of EPP Foam Material:
1.Polypropylene glass transition temperature below room temperature, there is a better impact resistance than polystyrene and polystyrene foam as compared to non-recoverable type, polypropylene foam is an environmentally friendly material.
2.Reusable eco-friendly materials: easy recycling, decomposition, products free of harmful toxic ingredients, combustion does not produce toxic substances.
3.Environmental protection: EPP non-crosslinked foam, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, saving energy and resources.
4.Excellent secondary workability: can stamping, cutting, welding, hot melt adhesives and other secondary processing.

Advantages of GREENMAX EPP Foam Compactor:
1. There is no waste discharge, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
2. GREENMAX has mature technology and can provide long-term support.
3. GREENMAX EPP foam compactor has many VIP customers and successful cases.
4. GREENMAX can design special models of EPP foam compactor according to customer requirements
5.GREENMAX can provide perfect after-sales service system.

Recycling Steps of EPP Foam compactor:
1.Once be thrown, the waste EPP foam will be crushed into small pieces with a GREENMAX compactor.
2. The crushed EPP will be compressed into blocks by cold-pressing technology
3 The cold-pressing blocks will be extruded by screw, which is only 2% of the original volume.

EPP Recycling With Compactor Video:

Successful Case:

CASE:EPP Manufacturer and EPP Recycling

PRO EPP is the most professional manufacturer specialist on EPP, focused on Auto part packaging. In the beginning, their EPP foam scrap volume is not that much, they used to crush and reuse their waste foam scrap. As the business growing, scrap is becoming much more, also they want to do something to improve their service for customers. In 2017, they built their own recycling plant mainly doing EPP foam recycling including their own scrap, also collect back from their customers. Their recycling solution is using Agglomerator first and then pelletized. After running several months, because Agglomerator is too slow to process their scrap, a lot of foam scrap was everywhere.

In 2018, they installed GREENMAX AC200 for EPP compacting, the working efficiency gave them a big surprise and connect with pelletizing business perfectly. Their monthly goal is to reach 100 tons.