EPP Recycling with GREENMAX Compactor

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is a foam form of polypropylene which is also known as polypropene. EPP is a superior physical properties, chemical stability, easy recycling of new high-performance compression buffer insulation materials, mainly used in the packaging of IT products, communications equipment and motor vehicles. Compared with EPS EPP material has a very different point is: EPS material damage to its structure to achieve compression damping effect, and EPP material by material shrinkage and expansion, to absorb and release energy to achieve compression damping effect.


Good Solution to EPP Recycling:

EPP could be recycled by our machines, such as our machine Greenmax, which could compact the waste EPP as Greenmax compactor could crush waste EPP and then compact waste EPP into blocks as tightly as possible. So EPP recycling won’t be a headache for reuse.


Product Applications:

Food packaging, rigid packaging market, PP market has great potential. PP foamed molded article can be used to withstand high loads, their protective ability was repeated shocks than expandable polystyrene (PS) or foamed polyurethane molded article (PUR) superior.


Polypropylene foam has the following advantage:

Polypropylene glass transition temperature below room temperature, there is a better impact resistance than polystyrene and polystyrene foam as compared to non-recoverable type, polypropylene foam is an environmentally friendly material.

Reusable eco-friendly materials: easy recycling, decomposition, products free of harmful toxic ingredients, combustion does not produce toxic substances.

Environmental protection: EPP non-crosslinked foam, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, saving energy and resources.

Excellent secondary workability: can stamping, cutting, welding, hot melt adhesives and other secondary processing.


In addition, EPP could be made into pellets by machines to reproduce other products.