Hawaii Aluminum Can Recycling

Waste plastics are recyclable, and so do waste metals. Aluminum is one of the metal materials that have a high recycling value. Aluminum recycling can reduce energy consumption significantly and save much more production costs comparing to produce raw aluminum material.

Aluminum cans for beverage packaging are quite popular among the whole world, so it leads to a large aluminum consumption amount. Now many recyclers step into the aluminum cans recycling business. A recycler in Hawaii, America bought one set of GreenMax Poseidon to deal with the aluminum cans collected.


Piles of aluminum cans occupy large space and would be smelly if there are liquids remained. Therefore, it is very necessary for recyclers to dewater and compact them first. Poseidon helps our Hawaii customers a lot in handling the cans.

compacted Aluminum cans

Besides aluminum cans, he also recycles PET bottles, which can be dealt with by Poseidon in the same processing principle. The liquids extracted from the aluminum cans and PET bottles would flow into the tanks equipped below and the cans and bottles are compacted into much smaller pieces.

compacted PET bottles