How to Recycle Construction Panel

What is Construction Panel?

Construction Panels are used widely in the building and construction industry because its light weight, strength and thermal insulation characteristics provided cost effective high performance solutions. Construction Panels are most commonly made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) or rigid polyurethane foam.

Construction Panel Recycling Necessity:

Construction Panel is an inert material that can avoid pests because it does not rot and provides no nutritional benefits to vermin. Its strength, durability, and lightweight nature, make it a versatile and popular building product. It is also used as applications include insulated panel systems for walls, roofs, and floors as well as facades for both domestic and commercial buildings. In addition, the construction panels are difficult to transport without materials, such as EPS, XPS, and so on. There are also many waste construction panels left during constructing buildings and houses. Therefore, the question of how to recycle construction panels should be paid attention to.

Construction Panel Recycling Solution:

Waste Construction Panel is 100% recyclable. Over the past decade, Greenmax Recycling has established the waste foam Collection Network to facilitate EPS and XPS recycling.


The worker need put the waste construction panels into the machine container and then the blade will crush the material into pieces with the electrical power. Then the pieces will be compressed into tight block under the pressure.


The densifier provided a different way to handle the foam compacting by melting. The heat can melt down the foam insulation board down to a block and the block is hardened like a big stone.