How to Recycle Styrofoam Packaging

This is a CA-based White Glove Logistic company delivering home appliances for GE, delivered around 500 items per location every day. Different appliances packaged using vast amounts of Styrofoam packaging.  At the end of 2014, the company introduced a new Styrofoam recycling project-Install 4 styrofoam densifiers A-C100(220lbs/h) in their 4 locations, transforming waste Styrofoam into a profitable income. 

They used to fill loose Styrofoam packaging to one 53’ truck per day, spending fees to let a local recycling company handling it. Now, after the Styrofoam recycling project being implemented, it takes 30 days to fill the densified material in a 40HQ container.  To make sure the densified Styrofoam quality, before feeding the loose Styrofoam into the hopper, they pick out the paper, tags and then just throw the cleaned material into the hopper to let it crushed and then densify automatically. On busy days, the machine can even run 8-10hours. 

After densified, the outcome densified blocks dimension is 12*12(w/h)in., which can be palletized 4*3 per pallet and a 40HQ Container(464.57’’*83.858’’*107.08’’)  can easily fill 36 pallets. After got a full load, INTCO Recycling buys it back with $550 per ton(sometimes even higher) and uses it to make picture frames and decorated moldings, and then sells the end products to Michaels, Walmart, IKEA, etc. In this way, INTCO accomplishes total solutions of waste Styrofoam recycling and for the customer, the investment in the machine is also paid back within four months. 

Compared with the old handling ways- landfill or just throw it away, this new Styrofoam recycling way is a tremendous saving in terms of space and money. Apart from the waste charge, one daily truck runs are saved, including labor cost and truck oil fees.

Since the project’s inception, the company has saved hundreds of tons of waste Styrofoam packaging from landfill which are not biodegradable, shows great environmental responsibility and also get great profit from it!