Canada Lunch Box Recycling

When it comes to waste management, people would inevitably think about disposal of lunch boxes. Styrofoam, also called EPS, is a commonly seen plastic foam material for disposal lunch box. Since it is non-degradable, the waste Styrofoam lunch boxes should be dealt with appropriately to avoid white pollution.

Styrofoam lunch box recycling is a difficult part of waste management. Different from other Styrofoam/EPS products, which are comparatively clean, waste lunch boxes are dirty. Therefore people should be more careful when doing Styrofoam/EPS recycling in the lunch box area.

waste Styrofoam lunch box

One of our customers in Canada has the business of Styrofoam lunch box recycling. He bought our GREENMAX Apolo EPS Compactor to do the volume reduction of the collected Styrofoam lunch boxes. When the light-weight but space-consuming foam lunch boxes turned into tight compressed blocks, the storage and conveying of them can be much easier.

compacted Styrofoam lunch box

Since the lunch boxes are in different colors, the Styrofoam blocks are also in deep color instead of the commonly seen white. And they can be sold to the waste plastic processors to become other valuable products. With the mechanical support from GREENMAX, our customer’s waste management work of waste Styrofoam lunch boxes can carry out smoothly.

Styrofoam blocks in deep color