How Nestle Deals with Waste Beverage Bottle-Recycling and Reusing

In 2013, GREENMAX stepped into Nestlé’s door. Nestle bought our P-C350 machine.

GREENMAX Poseidon series mainly deal with rejected, returned and date expired beverage or drinking products like PET beverage, can bear, yogurt, which is a big problem for all producers. GREENMAX POSEIDON Series provides a highly efficient way to do the destruction and dewatering together at a time.

As a food and beverage production company, there are undoubtedly large scales of waste beverage packaging such as PET bottles, aluminum cans and beverage cartons. Numerous wastes are produced every day; they are inflated thus occupying large areas to store. In addition, there is a large need for workers to deal with those waste plastic bottles for these bottles probably contain water. We have to pour out the water one by one. It’s really a big cost to hire worker working on this, not to mention the low efficiency. For these reasons, to store these wastes is really at loss. Nestle has been troubled by this problem deeply and is in great urge to find out a perfect solution.

In 2013, Nestle in the USA noticed that GREENMAX P-C350 is a specialist in beverage package compacting. For it is totally automatic. And at the same time, it has the function of dewatering which is a very advanced technology. For nestle, P-C350 is just the right choice!

After using P-C350, they need much less area to store these wastes; what’s more important, after compacting by P-C350, the processed beverage package is recyclable. We buy back those processed beverages reproduce them into beautiful frameworks. On the one hand, Nestle makes a profit from this investment; on the other hand, useless wastes are turned into values. This is a win-win situation!

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