Supermarkets Dealing with Wastes Foam Recycling

Supermarket Wastes Recycling Problems:

As large retailers, supermarkets always have plenty of waste recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper packages, and foamed packages. These are all very good recyclable materials. It would be great if supermarket wastes can be recycled.

For relatively smaller local supermarkets, these materials are probably thrown away pitifully instead of selling to wastes recyclers to make money. It is not because they don’t want to, they have their considerations and problems. Because on the one hand, these wastes are not easy to transport, they are too space-taken and light-weighted. On the other hand, these wastes usually contain left beverages and food which is too wet and dirty for recyclers to process. Supermarkets are not willing to hire several people working on pouring out left beverage and clean left food, the labor cost is too high, not to mention the incredibly low efficiency. Besides, supermarkets can’t afford to find extra room to store these space-consuming wastes. Wastes selling income will never surpass the wastes dealing cost in this way. For large supermarkets like Wal-Mart, even though they can afford the room and labor cost, but this is obviously not a profit-making investment.

What a pity to let these free-cost, stable-sourced and large quantities of recyclable materials turn into useless and environmentally harmful wastes. Is there a perfect solution? Yes! One set of machine can solve all these problems.

Supermarket Wastes Recycling Solution:

GREENMAX EPS compactor is designed for waste EPS, PET bottles, aluminum cans, yogurt cup, beverage cartons and other materials compacting. For PET bottles, yogurt cups and aluminum cans that need to pour out left liquid first, GREENMAX POSEIDON series is specially designed with de-water function.

With a set of GREENMAX, you no longer need to hire people with high labor costs and low efficiency, nor do you need to worry about extra room to store large quantities of wastes because GREENMAX will de-water and compact these wastes at high efficiency. Compacted wastes are easier to transport and wastes recyclers are happy to buy these dried compacted wastes. In this way, supermarkets are able to enjoy a big profit from the free-cost sources.