Aluminum Cans Compression In Brazil

We have been cooperating with our customer in Brazil for years, and he is a regular customer who trusts us very much. This customer is a PET bottles and aluminum cans recycler. In 2013, he bought 3 sets of the POSEIDON series for compacting recycled bottles and cans.

As a PET bottles and aluminum cans recycler, he has masses of waste bottles and cans to be dealt with. However, this is not an easy job if he deals in the traditional way. These bottles and cans are usually beverage containers, most bottles and cans still contain the left beverage. Consequently, he used to hire several people to pour out the left beverages before compacting. Traditional compactors only have the function of compacting, so hire employees is inevitable. The problem is labor cost is quite high but the efficiency is rather low. This problem results in another trouble, which is compacting speed can’t follow recycling speed, thus more and more bottles and cans need room to store. He has to find more space for storage.  Since all kinds of beverage bottles and cans are stored together, left beverage easily goes bad, especially in summer. Thus these waste bottles and cans give off bad smells, which greatly influence the quality of recycling. All these troublesome problems make compacting and recycling work much harder.

For these reasons, he has been thinking of a way out until he knows our machine. Our POSEIDON series just meet his demand.

POSEIDON series is designed for PET bottles and aluminum cans compaction. After replacing his employees with POSEIDON compactor, high labor cost is saved, what’s more, compacting efficiency is greatly improved, thus room occupation problem disappeared. After tried our machine before 2013, he benefited a lot and bought three more POSEIDON series compactors.

Labor and space costs are saved; recycling efficiency is improved; now he is just enjoying the big benefit POSEIDON or modern technology has brought to him.

Nowadays as plastic bottles and aluminum cans consumption is rapidly increasing, plus people’s awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation raising. The recycling industry has to change its traditional ways and try new technology to meet the current market demand. compactors.