Beverage Industry Defective Product Disposal

Coca cola, Pepsico, Finda, Nestle.. there are numerous beverage brands all over the world. These beverages have taken necessary part in family, company, and other different kinds of parties. Just like we all breath the same air, every one drinks these beverages. This is a world phenomenon. People consume innumerable drinks every year. Did you ever consider how many line rejects are generated every year? How many overdue pieces there are every year? The number is out of measurement.

The problem is how to deal with them, especially the liquids. Normal baler is too small to handle, and big horizontal baler is too expensive, while there is also liquids treatment problems. What’s more, if the waste beverage packaging are buried or burnt, they will certainly lead to environmental pollution and resource loss. Such large numbers of beverage packaging are produced every day and they will turn into useless wastes soon. It is totally a squander of plastic and aluminum materials.

Under this circumstance, finding an easy, simple, and cost effective solution is quite necessary.

GreenMax Posiden series comes!!!


GreenMax Poseidon for Nestle

GreenMax Posiden series, professional cost effective equipment to handle these problems.

1. Function: de-water, draining, drying, and compacting.
2. Stainless steel water tank, draining liquids out in environmental friendly modern solutions.
3. Changing traditional manually disposal way into simply mechanical way, saving much labor cost, and greatly increasing working efficiency.
4. Pressing the bottles after de-watering, saving space for future disposal an cutting down transportation cost.
5. Binging the processed beverage packaging a good sales price.

dewatered and compacted PET bottles

If you have large scales of waste beverage packaging that are waiting to be managed in an environmental friendly, resource saving and money making way, we can provide total solution to you for waste beverage package recycling and reusing!


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