The Grants of RRC Will Still Support American Communities to Buy Foam Densifier

In recent years, despite the development of community recycling in the United States, the local community has set up on the roadside for residents to classify and recycle used waste materials. But at the same time, foam recycling has not ushered in a huge development, because foam is excluded from the recycling allowed by the blue trash. Recently, things have changed.

The Foam Recycling Coalition (FRC), Falls Church Virginia, has opened its grant submission process for 2021 to support the recycling of packaging made from polystyrene foam. In fact, in the past year, FRC has donated funds to many places to help them start the foam recycling program, such as Florida country receives a $50000 grant to recycle foam. FRC hopes to use the grant to allow more communities to purchase foam densifiers, an advanced recycling machine, to carry out recycling events smoothly.

Most of the time, in the process of completing the jigsaw puzzle of recycling, what is missing is not the residents' conscious awareness of environmental protection, but the means of how to recycle foam. Now, a foam densifier can successfully fill this gap. The core of recycling is environmental protection, and the key to environmental protection is high efficiency and green, and this foam recycling equipment has these two advantages at the same time. The hot melt technology is perfectly applied to the recycling of foam, and compress foam waste in a ratio of 90:1.

“During the past six years, the Foam Recycling Coalition has awarded nearly $780,125 in grants to communities and recycling businesses in the United States and Canada,” says Natha Dempsey, president of the Foodservice Packaging Institute. There is no doubt that if this large amount of grant is invested in the purchase of foam densifier, what kind of positive impact will it have on community recycling. It will bring a signal to people that recycling is feasible and efficient.

According to Natha, over 6.3 million more people can now recycle foam directly due to these partnerships and investments of FCR. It is believed that with the further popularization of foam densifiers, American communities will be able to carry out more recycling events and invite residents to participate. Only by combining the effect of the advanced equipment and residents, the recycling of the community will have great development.