Foam Compactor is the Key of Five Factors to Assist the US Foam Recycling

In March, Delegate Ken Plum, representing part of Fairfax County, has introduced a bill (HB2173) to establish advanced recycling technologies in Virginia to convert used polystyrene foam into new plastics or fuels. This legislation will support the restaurant industry and our many employees in Fairfax and across the state. There is no doubt that now the recycling of foam has come into public view. In 2019, the recycled foam in the United States will reach 136.8 million pounds

Foam recycling is a headache for the government. In order to avoid this problem, many governments directly ban it from the root, regardless of the interests of restaurant owners. In fact, if the government wants to do a good job in foam recycling, it only needs to pay attention to three factors, and the most essential one is that put foam compactor, a machine designed with advanced science and technology, into recycling.

Factor 1:Top-Down Incentives of Government

The decision-making of the government is always the key factor for the public to consider self-action. Nowadays, many people have already known that foam can use the foam recycling machine such as foam compactor to recycle safely and effectively, but it is ignored gradually due to the government ban. Therefore, the government should make clear its determination to recycle foam and encourage the public to recycle.

Factor 2:Support from residents

Nowadays, many places in the United States have started to hold foam recycling events. The local recycling association arranges trucks to collect foam in some places. Residents can participate in the activities by themselves and donate the used foam packaging, fruit boxes, and express boxes. Only by relying on the spontaneous support of the masses can we help the government carry out the recycling plan.

Factor 3:The Key Factor – The Application of Foam Compactor
Foam compactor is one of the most popular foam recycling machines, which deals with foam with the concept of green and pollution-free. The foam is compressed to cold blocks in a ratio of 1:50, which is the raw material for the production of plastic particles. From collecting foam to particle forming, it is made into the photo frame, which forms a complete recycling closed-loop, absolute environmental protection, and high efficiency.

As long as the above three factors are taken into consideration, it can certainly achieve good results in foam recycling, which will undoubtedly help the government to develop environmental protection.