Bottle Recycling Has Made Further Progress Compared with The Traditional Method

In daily life, when people go shopping in the supermarket, the attractive beverage area is not to be missed. The drink is an indispensable existence in many people's lives. Drinking a bottle when you are happy can increase your happiness, while it can improve your mood when you are sad. As we all know that the global beverage market is huge. Take Coca-Cola as an example, this kind of beverage can sell 19400 bottles per second. What amazing data!

It can be imagined what kind of high pollution is produced under this high demand. According to the EPA, 3.13 million tons of PET plastic were discarded in the U.S. in 2018, but only 29.1% of recyclable PET plastic bottles were actually recycled. The recycling of plastic bottles has not stopped, but it has not achieved good results, because traditional bottle dewatering has disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

First of all, the traditional bottle dewatering is manual dehydration, which not only causes huge costs but also is very unsanitary and troublesome. In addition, due to the residual liquid and air in the bottle, its volume is still very large, which brings inconvenience to transportation. Finally, bottle watering causes the liquid to flow around, making the whole working environment chaotic and dirty. Now, the emergence of new recycling technology has been to avoid these problems, the bottle recycling machine is used as a more efficient way for bottle watering.

GREENMAX Recycling has designed a series of PET bottle recycling machine Poseidon series. This equipment When the device is in use, it only needs to put the beverage bottle into the hopper. Once the machine is started, it will automatically dewater, and the dewatering bottle will be compressed in the ratio of 6:1. This process does not require any labor costs.

Pepsi Cola's factory in Thailand had been suffering from artificial dehydration, but later, the top executives of Pepsi in the Asia-Pacific region found GREENMAX through the Internet. After two weeks of e-mail exchange and communication, they found GREENMAX PET recycling solution was in line with their demand, they finally ordered the GREENMAX P-C350 bottle recycling machine and achieved satisfactory results.

Advanced technology will always be the first productivity. With the wide application of PET bottle recycling machines, bottle processing will enter an efficient era.